“To surrender to the corporate machine telling us to eat sugar and salt is to fall unto big pharma, to enter the practice of cooking for ourselves makes us more powerful and more attractive.”

Christopher-Poul Woodworth

Christopher-Poul born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, married to the beautiful Aimee Woodworth.

Christopher-Poul works with foster animals, as well as his 9-5 job, (Which isn’t quite 9 to 5) but also helps work with various internet businesses, and runs hosting for several large groups, working as administration and coding.

He also suffers with type 1 diabetes and has suffered heart attacks, among other health issues.

Christopher-Poul started to learn from culinary students while in college in Saint Andrews New Brunswick, and ever since found a love of food and cooking.

Christopher-Poul has cooked for as many as 200+ ladies for a ladies recognition ceremony, and has cooked for many functions.

With the love of taking left overs in the fridge, or what ever is in the cupboards, to going all out and finding special ingredients Christopher-Poul loves to find something  unique and special to cook.

Aimee and Christopher-Poul would love to get to know you, drop a line or drop into one of our few chat rooms and lets get to know each other.